Privacy Policy

About AccuLink

AccuLink is a service to create shortened links, but with 2 destinations.
The first destination is for the end user, where they should arrive.
The second link, is for the web crawlers making the previews for various social platforms and chats.

What data do we collect and why


When you make any request to our website, including this one, the requesting URL, user agent, IP and other information related to the request and response success and version is logged and stored on our servers indefinitely. However, no information which can identify any user as a person is stored, nor are form data stored in these logs. See Logs section on's privacy policy for more information.


When you make a shortened link on our website, we may store none to all of the following data: Creation IP, Target Link, Preview Link, Creation Timestamp and the Shortened Link.


This site could at some point store cookies in the user's browser. For more information, check the privacy policy on

The purpose of storing such data

Logs are stored in order to identify who reaches our site, what they reached us with, and to know if anything special or odd is to be taken action against.

IPs are stored in order to identify who uses our site and creates links. It's also useful in order to know if anyone is trying to impact or damage our site in any way.

Cookies are stored in order to help us improve the user experience, and make them more willing to use the site in the future.

Who we share your data with

We don't share your data with any third parties, except for data collected by ads, and other similar data. With an exception of web logs and user IPs, which could sometimes be used to provide useful stats about website usage and user activity, and/or terms related to security.

How long we keep your data

If you create a link, the link will stay active until either:
1) We wipe our database, which could happen if it grows too large for our servers to handle.
2) Your disguised url has reach an age beyond our support. This time could vary, but should never be less than 1 month, and never above 5 years.
3) We close down our site, in which all links on the sites are immediately gone from our systems.

Your rights as a user

For links created on our site, you can't delete links at this point in time. But in the future, if you want to delete your links, by owning an account on and being logged in during link creation.